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With 30 years of experience Hydrotox offers competent advisory services and research in the following sectors:

Literature and database search with respect to environmental characteristics

For many issues, it is advisable to perform a literature and/or database search before realisation of experimental studies to optimise a test design or to avoid expensive experiments. We are searching systematically the databases from ECHA, OECD, US-EPA and others to acquire the required information. This is done in close agreement with the sponsor who defines next steps and the scope of the literature research.

Support for the compliance of waste water regulations

In various projects e.g. for the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA), the Hydrotox GmbH has obtained expert knowledge on waste water regulations, especially in the field of textile-, leather-, metal-, and paper industry as well as for waste water of hospitals and cooling water. A precise observation of waste water streams, especially concerning biological degradation and ecotoxicity can help to avoid exceeding the waste water parameters. Our experts are pleased to develop and realise a suitable concept for you.

Support for registration and authorisation of chemicals and products

Hydrotox GmbH offers support for the compilation of risk assessment and dossiers. Especially for pharmaceutical products and biocides, we have extensive experience.

Application of eco-labels

We are pleased to support you with your application for eco-labels, such as „Blue Angel“ or “EU-eco-label”. Our services range from getting in contact with manufacturers, over providing necessary calculations and advice on suitable substitutes to finalisation of the complete application process. Due to our close contact to RAL and the Federal Environmental Agency (UBA) as well as our detailed knowledge about criteria of the application procedure, we can compile efficiently all required documents.