Methods and criteria for the ecotoxicological assessment of products

German Environmental Agency, 3719 37 3020, project duration 2019 - 2022


German Federal Environment Agency (research project 3719 37 3020)


Hydrotox GmbH, Freiburg, Dr. Ines Heisterkamp (project direction), Dr. Stefan Gartiser

BAM Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing, Berlin, Dr. Ute Schoknecht

TZW: DVGW-Technologiezentrum Wasser, Karlsruhe, Dr. Oliver Happel, Dr. Marco Scheurer

ToxRat Solutions GmbH & Co. KG, Alsdorf, Dr. Monika Ratte

Project duration 

May 2019 – April 2022

Project description

The project aims at contributing to the harmonization of ecotoxicological test methods for construction products to implement the life cycle requirements of the Construction Products Regulation. In a previous project, recommendations for a test battery for the ecotoxicological assessment of the environmental compatibility of construction products for outdoor use (UBA texts 74/2016) have been developed. These have been taken into account in the Technical Rule CEN / TR 17105, which in the future will be converted into a Technical Specification (TS) for obtaining a more binding status. For the purpose of quality assurance and validation of the draft guideline, a round table interlaboratory test shall be organized and carried out in accordance with the specifications of DIN ISO 5725. Initially, about 30 construction products will be selected and the available data will be screened for inorganic and organic parameters. From at least 10 of the striking products aqueous eluates will be produced and tested in the bioassays. Hereby, plate-like or monolithic products are eluted in the "dynamic surface leaching test" (DSLT) according to DIN CEN / TS 16637-2), granular products by means of percolation test in upward flow (DIN CEN / TS 16637-3). The eluates are subjected to a basic chemical and/or more comprehensive analysis and full ecotoxicity tests. For the interlaboratory test a minimum number of 12 participants is envisaged.

As a second task, proposals for the integration of the methods into the award criteria of the "Blue Angel" for three product groups will be developed. For this purpose, products which could supplement the existing product range of the Blue Angel will be analyzed in the test battery. Suitable product categories may include e.g. earth-contacting building sealings, facade coatings or roofing materials (bitumen, foil or liquid sealings). For these construction products, suitable award criteria for ecotoxicological assessment should be developed. The results of the overall project will be presented at an international workshop in February/March 2021 at the German Federal Environment Agency.

Contact person at Hydrotox

Dr. Stefan Gartiser
Hydrotox GmbH
Bötzinger Str. 29
D-79111 Freiburg
Tel.: +49-761- 4 55 12-0
E-mail: gartiser(at)hydrotox.de