Research and development of new product groups and related criteria for the "Blue Angel" environment label

German Federal Environment Agency, FKZ 3717 37 314 0, project duration 07/2017 – 10/2020


German Federal Environment Agency (FKZ 3717 37 314 0)


Hydrotox GmbH, Ismene Jäger

Ökopol GmbH, Dirk Jepsen

Project duration:

2017 - 2020


The goal of environmental labeling with the Blue Angel is to convey product statements on verifiable and non-misleading information regarding the environmental aspects and to support products that cause less environmental impact. Eco-labels should also identify those products which comply with health and safety requirements, consumer safety and usability.

The development and selection of the award criteria of the Blue Angel must be carried out in accordance with the standard DIN EN ISO 14024: 2000 (Environmental labels and declarations - Type I environmental labelling - Principles and procedures) on the basis of sound scientific and technical investigations.

In order to ensure that the resources required for these in-depth investigations are used in a targeted and efficient manner, the work of the Jury Eco-Labelling are preceded by feasibility studies. These studies analyse the market situation and the differentiation of the environmental performance of products on the market in order to assess the feasibility and chances of success of a new eco-label.

In accordance with the Blue Angel Environmental Labeling Guidelines and ISO 14024, the award criteria for the respective product groups are limited in time or subjected to a corresponding periodic review. For existing product groups, a simplified procedure is possible, in which the current market developments, the technology and the regulatory framework are analysed and the award criteria are adjusted accordingly.

In addition, research and analysis on individual technical aspects, measuring methods, etc. are necessary, which are developed within the framework of appropriate technical expertise.

In context of the described background, the present project aims at developing award criteria for new eco-labels and technical research and feasibility studies are carried out for developing new award criteria for various product groups.

Contact person at Hydrotox GmbH
Ismene Jäger, E-Mail: jaeger(at)hydrotox.de, Tel: +49-(0)761-45512-21