Minimizing of biocide uses - evaluation and recommendation of biocide-free alternatives

German Federal Environment Agency, FKZ 3718 67 421 0, project duration 01/2019 - 12/2021


German Federal Environment Agency (FKZ 3718 67 421 0)


Hydrotox GmbH (project management)

Büro für Umweltmedizin Erik Petersen

Pesticide Action Network Germany e.V.

Ökopol Institut für Ökologie und Politik GmbH, Hamburg

Project duration:

01/2019 -12/2021


The Biocide Regulation (EU) No 528/2012 (Article 17 (5)) request Member States to provide the public with appropriate information on the risks and benefits of biocidal products and on ways to minimize their use. In Germany, the Federal Agency for Chemicals (department of the competent authortity for the authorization of biocidal products, BAuA) informs the public accordingly, in order to ensure the proper and sustainable use of biocidal products. In this context, also information on physical, biological, chemical and other measures as an alternative to the use or minimization of biocidal products should be provided. For this purpose, the German Environment Agency (UBA), as federal authority, maintains the internet platform "UBA biocide portal" since July 2010 (www.biozid.info).

In order to promote the use of non-biocidal alternatives and their recommendations by authorities, evaluation criteria need to be developed to proof efficacy and suitability of the alternatives in comparison to competing biocidal products. For the orienting evaluation of alternative procedures, concrete proposals were developed in two preceding projects. In this context, the orienting evaluation should be distinguished from the more extensive comparative assessment with regard to the substitution of hazardous biocides under the EU Biocidal Products Regulation.

The first focus of the project is to support the further development of the "UBA biocide portal" providing information and promoting alternatives to the use of biocides including preventive measures.

The second focus of the project is the development of measures to promote non-biocidal alternatives and preventive measures. These are based on scientific evaluation criteria proofing the efficacy and practicability of alternative methods compared to competing biocidal products. The further developed criteria will be tested on three selected examples. In addition, case-specific guidelines for the selection of suitable preventive and alternative measures against pest infestation in private homes will be developed. Furthermore, a guideline for manufacturers and suppliers of biocide-free alternatives will be developed, which provides information on possible ways of funding of the development and marketing of biocide-free products and processes.

The overall goal of the project is a transparent evaluation of alternatives on the basis of scientific evaluation criteria as a prerequisite for the acceptance and application as well as recommendation by authorities. Hereby, the use of appropriate biocide-free alternatives, for which no authorization procedure exists, shall be supported.

Further Information:

The work is based on the following previous projects:

Information obligations on alternative measures for the minimization of the use of biocides. UBA FKZ 203 67 448/01 u. 02, duration 04/2004 - 06/2006, UBA-Texte 23/08 

Alternatives for the use of biocides – improvement of information for the public, UBA FKZ 37 10 67 407, duration 10/2010 - 10/2011

Examination and recommendation of alternatives to biocide application. UBA FKZ 37 11 63 416, duration 10/2011 – 10/2014

Reduction of the use of biocides - Evaluation of alternatives to biocide application. UBA FKZ 3714 67 403 0, duration: 1/2015 – 12/2018

Contact person

Dr. Stefan Gartiser, gartiser(at)hydrotox.de, Tel: +49-(0)761-45512-24