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Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)

A comparable quality of test data forms the basis for the mutual acceptance of data among different member states. By establishing the principles of Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), a uniform quality system is available and applied for the non-clinical safety testing of pharmaceuticals, pesticides, cosmetics, veterinary drugs, food and feed additives, and industrial chemicals. GLP is a standardised quality system specifying the organisational process and the conditions, by which non-clinical health and environmental safety studies are planned, performed, monitored, recorded, archived and reported. By this, double testing can be avoided, thereby saving time and resources.

Since 1992, Hydrotox GmbH is GLP-certified for the categories 3 (Mutagenicity studies), 4 (environmental toxicity studies on aquatic and terrestrial organisms) and 5 (behaviour in water, soil and air, bioaccumulation). The last GLP-inspection was in May 2019.

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