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About Hydrotox

The Hydrotox GmbH was founded in 1989 as a contract research laboratory and consultancy for assessing chemicals and mixtures by means of biological test systems. For this, internationally accepted and standardised test methods for the assessment of biodegradability, ecotoxicity and genotoxicity are applied.

The focusing of our business strategy is based on:

  • Contract research related to environmental topics for industry and public authorities
  • Routine testing in compliance with the principles of "Good Laboratory Practice" (GLP)

The Hydrotox team consists of biologists, chemists, hydrologists, environmental engineers and technical assistants. We have an extensive expertise in studies with chemicals, pharmaceuticals, biocides, detergents, lubricants and cosmetics as well as other products and environmental samples. The methods applied by Hydrotox GmbH are adapted and improved continuously to the current standard of knowledge and are validated by participation in international ring tests. All studies are performed according to the principles of GLP or ISO 17025 which assures our high quality and comparability of the results. The combination of laboratory and advisory services is an essential element of the business of the Hydrotox GmbH.